I’ve build my own Cryptocurrency trading application that communicates with a market place via Webservices

Boba Fett Costume

I’ve build a Boba Fett costume for my son’s carnival party. Most of the parts are made out of old cardboards painted with wall paint.

Freeline Skates lights

Now Freeline Skating is my new passion. Winter is coming, its getting darker…I made my own lighting

yAmiga finished

A dream came finally true! I made my own Amiga game database application. Now i can easily manage, discover and play my favourite games with a single click

yFract released!

yFract is finally released! It was a long journey of exploration, optimization and expression. 60 thousands fancy lines of code

Check the yFract Page for details and download

A program for my son

I wrote a program for my son to teach him the basics of math in a funny way. I’ve created my own C++ engine based on SDL that lovely simulates an old text mode client (in a 3D OpenGL scene). The child is motivated with intresting sounds, messages and top lists. This is application is suited for children of age 6-8. It’s in german language

Download Setup File

Christmas Screensaver

A screensaver based on SDL

feel free to try it out

yXMAS self extracting archive

Super Silent HDD

How to use rubber of underpants usefully 🙂

Hamster Cage

A hamster cage designed with Google Sketchup

Soldat statistics tool

I made my own statistics tool for the game Soldat. The statistics are stored in a local Microsoft Access Database.