DIY Arcade Cabinet

Finally a big dream of mine has come true. I built my own retro arcade cabinet! The whole parts cost about 700 euros. Since I am only a hobby craftsman and only have simple devices, it took a… Read More

Nozzle Upgrade

I’ve changed the nozzle of my 3D Printer and mounted a new fan duct from Mileshkin that blows the air evenly from all sides. I’ve also added a little led strip that indicates that the nozzle is heated.

3D Printing

I bought the Anycubic I3 Mega 3D Printer from Ali Express The printer is robust and easy to assemble an the print quality is quite good. Here are some sample prints with low quality (fast print) settings:

LED Cube

Soldering a LED Cube DIY Kit from Ali Express

Retro Game Console

I’ve build my own retro gaming console with internet radio. It’s based on the Raspberry Pi. The design is based on the Atari 2600 (1986 Version) Hackaday Entry :

Freeline Skates lights

Now Freeline Skating is my new passion. Winter is coming, its getting darker…I made my own lighting

Super Silent HDD

How to use rubber of underpants usefully 🙂