Playing around with neuronal networks

I’ve build my own network simulator. I was inspired by the book “Geist im Netz” from Dr. Manfred Spitzer.

ASCII Dungeon Crawler

This i a prototype of a Dungeon Crawler that uses my ASCII Game Engine. I never finished it


I’ve build my own Cryptocurrency trading application that communicates with a market place via Webservices

yFract released!

yFract is finally released! It was a long journey of exploration, optimization and expression. 60 thousands fancy lines of code Check the yFract Page for details and download

A program for my son

I wrote a program for my son to teach him the basics of math in a funny way. I’ve created my own C++ engine based on SDL that lovely simulates an old text mode client (in a 3D… Read More

Christmas Screensaver

A screensaver based on SDL feel free to try it out yXMAS self extracting archive